About Us

Shenzhen Peicai Technology Co., Ltd


Shenzhen Peicai Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2010. Over the past seven years, it has become a company which provides services for e-cigarette enterprises including hold professional foreign and domestic vape exhibitions, new media for e-cigarette industry, and set up e-cigarette industry research institute. CECMOL is the brand of Shenzhen Peicai Technology Co., Ltd, it is the abbreviation of "China E-Cigarette Media Online".


2014: CECMOL entered the e-cigarette industry, developed all-round industry media, vape forum, and industry exhibition services. In September, CECMOL successfully hosted the world's most authoritative e-cigarette industry summit meeting and international standards conference for e-cigarettes such as China Tobacco, Imperial Tobacco, BLU and British American Tobacco. After that, CECMOL established the authority in e-cigarette industry.


2015: The first international vape exhibition was successfully held by CECMOL at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center.


2016: The international vape exhibition model was copied to Beijing, and the national LOV vape League was established at the same time. It activated the industry's first vape KOL and review teams.


2017: Combination of ECC and CECMOL, Shanghai vape show and the largest vape show in the United States were successfully held.


2018: Entered the Japanese and New Zealand market, and organized more than half of domestic e-cigarette companies to participate on vape exhibitions in foreign emerging markets.


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